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Operating in a heat stress environment can have devastating results on your body. Overheating can lead to long-term consequences and illnesses, which is why many people who experience heating in their environments turn to CoreControl Cooling Gloves as a way to deal with that.

Why CoreControl Cooling Gloves?

Everyday exposure to heat is not sustainable for the human body. Active overheating can result in negative consequences, which is why those who experience it require a quick, safe and efficient way to return their bodies to their normal core temperature. This is where CoreControl Cooling Gloves come into use.


The CoreControl Cooling Glove is a scientifically-proven body temperature cooling device, which works with your body’s natural ability to reduce heat. However, after exposure to heat, it takes your body approximately 30 minutes or more to naturally return to your normal temperature. The Cooling Glove, however, only takes several minutes to do the same thing.


The CoreControl Cooling Glove is favoured by athletes for thermal regulation because it definitely works. The science behind it involves the principles of mammalian thermoregulation, which Stanford University biological sciences researchers Dr Dennis Grahn and Dr H. Craig Heller spent decades researching. From their research CoreControl was born: a simple, effective and non-invasive heat stress solution that helps many professionals safely regulate their body temperatures.


With CoreControl, safety is guaranteed. The Gloves are a non-invasive thermal regulation device. It was designed with ease in mind: users can simply slip it on and regulate their body temperature that way. It does not reduce perspiration or constriction of the skin’s blood vessels, keeping it safe and painless for the user.

Who Uses Them?

CoreControl Cooling Gloves can be used by anyone, in both professional and personal situations. The most dramatic improvements, however, are seen in people who normally operate in heat stress environments, such as those engaging in strenuous exercise or working in a hot working environment.

This involves professional athletes, firefighters, construction workers, oil and gas workers and those who work in the military.

Many well-known users praise CoreControl Cooling Gloves. These users include a variety of Olympic teams, from the US Men’s Beach Volleyball Team and the Japanese Olympic Team to the British Track & Field Team. Teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and San Fransisco 49ers, from the National Football League (NFL), also speak highly of the Gloves. However, they are favoured by other athletes as well, such as the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, who play in the National Basketball Association (NBA); as well as well-known European football teams, including Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC.

Contact Us Today

The CoreControl Cooling Glove was designed to help a range of people in a variety of situations. It provides an easy way to quickly, safely and effectively regulate your body temperature, no matter whether you are a firefighter or an athlete.

If you have any questions about this article, how CoreControl can help you, or about our revolutionary products, contact us today. Feel free to email us at or call +61 8 9330 6355.

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