Proven Solutions To Heat Stress That You Need To Know

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Heat stress, or heat exhaustion, is a condition in which a person is unable to properly maintain their normal body temperature due to extreme conditions, or inability to replace fluids efficiently. Heat exhaustion is the precursor to heat stroke, which can be a very serious and even fatal development of heat stress.

The body is designed to function within a specific temperature range. If temperatures exceed the upper limit, this can damage the delicate human biochemistry. The body must therefore cool itself, which it achieves by sweating. Sweat allows heat to pass from the body more easily, but it also dehydrates the body if the heat exposure continues for prolonged periods, and draws out vital minerals like sodium and potassium. As sweating increases, the body will compensate by retaining fluid and drawing from reserves, but if the heat continues, there will be no more reserves to draw. This is where heat stroke begins.

Many populations are at risk of heat stress. Children and elderly people are commonly affected, but also people working in extreme conditions such as mines, performers in heavy costuming, firefighters and many more.

Recommended strategies

In order to limit the effects of heat stress, it’s important to take steps to allow your body’s natural mechanisms to operate normally. Get out of the heat, drink plenty of water and rest. If you are wearing tight clothing, remove it, and consider taking a cool shower, or use an ice pack or ice towels to cool yourself down. If you have been in the heat for long periods, consider an energy drink to replace lost minerals.

Try to avoid much movement until you feel healthy and well again for a few hours. Don’t consume alcohol or caffeine, as these are dehydrating agents and will make you feel worse. And avoid exercise or too much exertion for the next week, as it will take time for your body to recover from the effects of even mild heat exhaustion. If you are unsure about your condition, seek medical advice, and if you do not feel better after removing yourself from heat and drinking plenty of water, consider seeking emergency assistance.
H2: How could core control cooling glove help?

The RTX core control cooling glove is a great option to prevent heat stress taking hold. By immediately drawing heat from the body’s circulation through the cooling glove, the RTX core control has been scientifically and independently proven to suppress the effects of heat exhaustion under a range of conditions. It has been studied rigorously and applied in the field for more than ten years, and has consistently performed to protect individuals from the harms of heat stress by drawing heat out of the blood circulation, and thereby preventing damage to chemical balance and tissues of the body.


There are many steps you can take to protect yourself and others from heat stress that are quick and easy. The RTX core control is an extra control measure you can take to ensure that you can quickly re-establish a normal core body temperature, limit the effects of heat stress, and keep your workplace safe and efficient. Get your hands on an RTX core control cooling glove now!

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