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Whether you’re a professional athlete or an industrial worker, keeping an even body temperature is the key to staying safe, healthy, and productive. Some people cool down from exercise or work with a cold glass of water or a cool shower, but there is a more convenient, efficient, and effective way of balancing your body temp back to normal.

Hydration cooling products can help you achieve dramatic improvements in performance and recovery, thanks to the principles of thermoregulation. These devices and gear use cold water or ice to maximise comfort and productivity, while also reducing stress and fatigue.


Why Use Hydration Cooling Products

You can find a hydration cooling system in a wide variety of products, like bags, clothes, and the CoreControl Cooling Glove. Using a hydration cooling product comes with a host of advantages, such as:


Regulate body temperature

Your body best functions when its core temperature is at 36-38C. Usually, heat is diffused through the different parts of your body, such as the hands, feet, face, and skin. Sweating helps you cool down to absorb heat and release it into the environment, but sometimes your body needs a little extra help.

Hydration cooling products such as the CoreControl Cooling Glove assists in extracting the heat by amplifying blood flow and cooling you down to a normal body temperature.


Faster healing and muscle generation

When the CoreControl researchers tested out their product prototype, they found that their test subjects improved their athletic performance in just a few weeks. The glove cooled down these athletes in between sets, allowing them to do more and higher reps without any muscle fatigue.



Protect against heat stress

Miners, construction workers, and firefighters have to battle the negative effects of heat stress every day. Extreme heat can cause a lot of injuries and illnesses, like headaches, nausea, loss of coordination, and even seizures. Hydration cooling products work in tandem with your body’s natural ability to dissipate heat to cool you down and protect you from harm.


RTX CoreControl Products

Both the CoreControl Pro and RTX CoreControl offer incredible hydration cooling. For painless, non-invasive, and effective heat extraction, choose from the CoreControl line of products.



Complete unit includes:

  • Cooler bag with cooler
  • Core Unit
  • Tubes and all connectors
  • Hand pod assembly (hand pod shell, perfusion pad, industrial wrist seal hand support pad)
  • Charger


CoreControl Hand Pod Assembly

For replacing your old CoreControl Hand Pod. The Hand Pod Assembly includes:

  • Hand pod shell
  • Perfusion pad
  • Industrial wrist seal
  • Hand support pad
  • CoreControl Wrist Support Seal
  • CoreControl Hand Support Pad
  • CoreControl Charger


Buy a hydration cooling product for your use at home or at work. The CoreControl Cooling Glove quickly and conveniently brings your body back to its normal body temperature, so that you stay healthy and productive. Call us at +61 8 9330 6335 or email us at enquiries@rtxcorecontrol.com.au for more information.

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