Cleaning & Purging Your CoreControl Glove

To keep your CoreControl Cooling Glove running at peak performance, you need to clean and purge your device regularly. This can extend its lifespan by protecting it against contamination and mildew. Cleaning and purging your device is especially important if you use it heavily or if you’re planning to store it long-term.

Make sure to closely follow the cleaning and purging instructions, and read the user manual for any important information. Incorrect cleaning or purging could damage the unit and affect its performance.


Cleaning Your CoreControl Glove

When you clean your CoreControl unit, never use products containing bleach or other harsh chemicals. Allow to air dry, don’t dry in a heated dryer. Do not remove the perfusion pad while cleaning the inside of the hand pod.

For daily cleaning

  1. Remove the wrist seal.
  2. Use an antiseptic wipe to clean the inside of the hand pod.
  3. Replace the wrist seal as necessary.


For thorough cleaning

  1. Remove the wrist seal, wrist support, and hand support.
  2. Hand-wash with standard detergent or mild soap. Do not use products containing bleach.
  3. Allow to air dry, then reassemble.


To clean hand pod shell

  1. Fill the hand pod shell with water and standard detergent. Do not remove the perfusion pad.
  2. Hand-wash thoroughly and gently pat dry.
  3. Reassemble the hand pod unit.


Cleaning before long-term storage

  1. Half-fill the cooler with a rubbing alcohol and water mixture.
  2. Prime the unit according to priming instructions.
  3. Let the mixture circulate for a minute or so.
  4. Purge the unit according to purging instructions.
  5. Allow to air dry before storing in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Purging Your CoreControl Glove

Purging your CoreControl removes excess water from the system and prepares the unit for long-term storage. Your CoreControl Cooling Glove does not need to be purged after every use.

  1. Make sure all the connectors on the hand pod and cooler are properly attached prior to purging.
  2. Pull the bulb out of the cooler so that water will not be pulled into the system.
  3. Turn the unit on by pressing the power switch on the control unit.
  4. Press and hold down the red prime-purge button at the top of the control unit, and keep doing so until water stops flowing back into the cooler.

NOTE: Make sure to move the hand pod around while purging to help release any water that is trapped within the perfusion pod.

  1. Once the unit is completely purged and there is no more water in the waterline, stop pressing the prime-purge button and switch the unit off.
  2. Disconnect the cooler from the control unit by pressing the quick release buttons.
  3. Remove the cooler from the cooler bag and empty out the water.
  4. Dry the inside of the cooler, either with a towel or via air drying, and replace the lid.
  5. Place the cooler back into the carrying bag, then store it according to instructions.

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