How CoreControl works

How it works

how-corecontrol-worksThe CoreControl™ Cooling Glove was invented and developed by Stanford University Doctors, Dennis Grahn and H. Craig Heller, who have completed extensive research on body cooling, in conjunction with the United States Military Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).

CoreControl™ was originally developed on the principles of Mammalian thermoregulation. All mammals have specific regions of the body surface designed for dissipating excess heat from the body core to the environment – ie. a dog’s tongue, or rabbits’ ears.

Blood is pumped to these surfaces when metabolism increases, such as during exercise or heat stress.

In humans, some of these surfaces are found in the palms of the hands.  It is through these skin regions that humans dissipate heat through specialized blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomoses.

The CoreControl™ cooling glove enhances heat extraction through these radiator surfaces by amplifying local blood flow using a hand held device that has the combination of carefully controlled temperature settings and a slight vacuum.

The combined application enhances the natural heat exchange of these radiator structures, cooling a person effectively and efficiently to a normal body temperature.

When utilizing the CoreControl™ cooling glove, the skin is not noticeably cooler to touch or feel, however perspiration does decrease and the body temperature is returned to normal.  Perceived skin temperature does not directly equate to critical core body temperature. Most temperature sensors are on the skin, not deep within the core body making it difficult to sense the change.

CoreControl™ developer Craig Heller Ph.D. explains ‘while traditional cooling methods make the victim feel cooler on the outside, they are not effective in extracting heat form the body’s core organs, In fact, laboratory testing demonstrates that these methods may make matters worse. When cold is applied to the body’s surface, it can trigger constriction of the skin’s blood vessels which interferes with cooling’.

For more information about Dr Heller’s published research, please refer to our Resources section on the website.

Other cooling products including misting fans, wet towels, cooling vests, neckties, chill packs or ice water do not work as effectively as CoreControl™ as they attempt to push cold into the body through the skin, fat and muscles, which are very effective insulating materials.

CoreControl™ can accomplish heat extraction more efficiently, safely, and faster than these other technologies alone, working with the body’s natural adaptions.

If humans are subjected to exertion in sweltering conditions performance is affected. As the temperature of the body’s core organs (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain) rise, fatigue sets in and strength, endurance and cognitive functions deteriorate rapidly.  CoreControl™ is able to offer a fast, effective and safe solution to limit this occurring.

The CoreControl™ cooling glove is now being utilized by emergency workers, employers of workers required to operate in a heat stress environment, and of course athletes, who all want to avoid or recover from heat stress.

CoreControl™, the only scientifically proven, non-invasive core body temperature cooling device.

Operating CoreControl™

operating-corecontrolRemove the cooler from the bag by depressing the connectors release button and disconnecting the tubes.

Remove the lid and fill cooler with ice and water to just below the connector inputs. Verify the tubing and bulb are below the water. Very little water is needed for the system once primed, the cooler can be filled to just below the connector inputs with ice, and then add water to the same level

Turn the power of the unit on.

Insert your hand into the hand pod with palm facing toward the umbilical side of the hand pod. Be sure your hand is inside of the perfusion pad with the pad wrapping around the entire hand. Gently rest your hand on the hand pod perfusion pad. The hand support pad creates a bump in the pad to achieve good contact with the hand pod perfusion pad and your palm. Full contact with the palm is necessary for maximum heat transfer.

Pull wrist support and wrist seal over arm. Wrist seal must be in contact with the skin of the arm to seal, remove clothing or wraps between wrist seal and arm. Caution: the wrist seal and hand pod pad can be torn by bulky rings, bracelets, and other sharp objects therefore please remove jewelry/objects from hand and wrist prior to inserting your hand into the hand pod.

Keep hand in hand pod during required cooling. A vacuum will be felt on the hand during the operation of the unit. It is normal for the vacuum pressure to increase and decrease during use

Once desired cooling effect is achieved turn unit off and remove hand from hand pod.

For additional cooling, turn unit back on and insert hand back into hand pod. Note: power of the unit can be left on while your hand is not in the hand pod without causing damage however this will shorten the duration of time the unit can operate between required battery charges.

When the water within the cooler is no longer cold enough to provide sufficient cooling the Yellow LED light will illuminate. Replace the water with iced water.

It is recommended that the unit be powered off if not being used. The Red LED light will illuminate once the battery charge is low.

Priming CoreControl™

You need to prime your CoreControl™ unit before you can begin cooling. Priming the system prior to use is necessary to remove the air from the water tubes that guide cooled water to and away from the perfusion pad. Priming is required before the first use and before you use the unit after it has been purged and/or stored.

Clean lukewarm water is needed for priming.

Note: Do not use ice water for priming!

Priming Instructions:

  1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged, especially when priming your device for the first time.
  2. Open the CoreControl™ carrying case and detach the blue and white cooler from the control unit by pressing down on the quick-release buttons. Gently pull the connectors and tubes away and remove the cooler from the bag.
  3. Open the cooler lid and fill halfway with clean, lukewarm water. Ensure that the cooler bulb located inside of the cooler is submerged beneath the water level. Do not use ice water to prime your unit.
  4. Secure the lid and place the cooler back in the carrying case. Re-attach the cooler’s connectors to the control unit. An audible click will be heard when the cooler connectors are property attached to the control unit. Pull gently on each connectors to verify that they are appropriately engaged.
  5. If the hand pod is not yet attached to the water and air lines, connect them at this time. Notice that there are two types of mating connectors on the hand pod and the umbilical tubing: two identical connectors for water circulation (clear tubing) and one slightly different connector for the vacuum (blue tubing). Attach the umbilical tubing connectors to the hand pod by pushing them gently into their mating connector. Once again, an audible click will be heard when each mating connector is properly attached.
  6. Once cleaned, lukewarm water is in the cooler and all connections are made, turn on the device by pressing the power switch.
  7. Depress the the “prime-purge” button on the top of the control unit. This button overrides the temperature controller to allow for water to be continually syphoned from the cooler. Continue holding down this button until few air bubbles are seen in the clear water lines. It is recommended that you move the hand pod around or tap it gently to help move trapped air out of the perfusion pad inside of the hand pod.
  8. Once as much air as possible has been removed, turn the unit off.
  9. Note – A yellow LED light located on the top of the control unit may turn on while priming. When a constant yellow light turns on, it is simply indicating that the water is too warm to provide sufficient cooling. Do not add ice to the water, as lukewarm water is necessary for priming. When a flashing yellow turns on, the water in the system is too cold. Refer to the Troubleshoot section for directions to further prime the system.
Cleaning and Purging CoreControl™

Cleaning your CoreControl™ unit

The Importance of Cleaning Your CoreControl™ Glove

To avoid contaminating its internal components and preventing mildew growth, your CoreControl™ unit must be cleaned periodically. Cleaning and purging your unit is especially important prior to long-term storage, or travelling with your unit.

Cleaning Your CoreControl™ Glove

For daily cleaning, simply remove the wrist seal and clean the inside of the hand pod with an antiseptic wipe.

Occasionally, the wrist seal, wrist support and hand support pad can be removed and then hand washed with a sponge and standard detergent before being airdried; DO NOT use bleach-containing cleaning products, machine wash or dry in a heated dryer.

To clean the hand pod shell after each use, fill it with warm water and detergent. Avoid using bleach-containing products. Wash the inside and outside of the shell using a sponge and gently pat dry before allowing to airdry. Do not remove perfusion pad when cleaning.

Cleaning to Avoid Mildew During Long-Term Storage

Prior to long-term storage, half fill the cooler with a rubbing alcohol and water mixture. Then prime the unit; see priming instructions here. After priming, let the mixture circulate within system for about one minute. This should be done prior to purging.

Purging your CoreControl™ unit

Although you do not need to purge your CoreControl™ after every use, it should be purged with the following steps before going into long-term storage or if you are taking it with you for long distance travel – so that all water is removed from the system.

  1. Prior to purging, make sure all mating connections are properly attached.
  2. Pull the bulb out of the cooler so that water will not be pulled into the system.
  3. Press the power of the control unit on. Press and hold down the Prime Purge switch on the top of the control unit, until you see that the water stops flowing back into the cooler, and that there is little water in the hoses. Make sure to move the hand pod around to help release water trapped within the perfusion
  4. Disconnect the cooler from the control unit by pressing the Quick Release buttons on the connecters. Remove the cooler and empty its water contents.
  5. Dry the inside of cooler with a towel and replace lid. Place cooler back into carrying bag.

Your CoreControl™ is now ready for long-term storage, without the risk of contamination and mildew growth.

Cleaning the CoreControl™ is simple

And although there are several steps to the purging process, it only needs to be performed occasionally – so don’t let the maintenance deter you from investing in a CoreControl™.

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