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Keeping your core temperature at the ideal 36-38C is essential for maintaining a healthy body and active mind. While we can cool down on our own, we can also use supplemental products for expedited, enhanced results.

Evaporative cooling products are devices that use the evaporation of water into cool air to help regulate body temperature. The idea is that moisture absorbs and draws out heat from the body, so it cools you much faster than if you tried to cool down naturally.

The most common evaporative cooling products are usually clothing items and protective gear such as vests, tank tops, neck wraps, bandanas, towels, hats, and more. For an even more effective cooling process, use the CoreControl Cooling Glove – the only scientifically-proven thermal regulation device on the market.

Why Use Evaporative Cooling Products

Constantly being exposed to heat stress can wear down your body, affect your health, and impair your performance. There are multiple benefits to using an evaporative cooling product, such as:

Speed Up Recovery

Working out strains not only your muscles, but your whole system. When you exercise, your body produces a lot of energy to handle the extra strain. Most of that energy is lost as heat, which your body tries to remove through your hands, feet, face, and head. You can cool down faster using an evaporative cooling product, which gets you ready for another round much sooner.

The CoreControl Cooling Glove can speed up cooling to as fast as a few minutes, compared to 30+ minutes without the device.

Prevent Heat Illnesses

Heat exits your body through your skin, but overheating can direct these high temperatures towards your sensitive core organs. This can cause a number of heat-related illnesses such as dehydration, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, fainting, and even heat stroke.

Refresh and Re-Energize Your Body

Cooling down helps you get your body back to its regularly scheduled programming. A consistent body temperature between 36-38C will increase your mental clarity, boost your energy, reduce mental and physical fatigue, and awaken muscles.

RTX CoreControl Products

The CoreControl product range – including the CoreControl Pro and RTX CoreControl – boast devices that are safe, fast, effective, and simple to use. These innovative products are scientifically-proven to work and can be used by anyone, whether at home or at work.


Complete unit includes:

  • Cooler bag with cooler
  • Core Unit
  • Tubes and all connectors
  • Hand pod assembly (hand pod shell, perfusion pad, industrial wrist seal hand support pad)
  • Charger

CoreControl Hand Pod Assembly

For replacing your old CoreControl Hand Pod. The Hand Pod Assembly includes:

  • Hand pod shell
  • Perfusion pad
  • Industrial wrist seal
  • Hand support pad
  • CoreControl Wrist Support Seal
  • CoreControl Hand Support Pad
  • CoreControl Charger

Experience the magic of evaporative cooling products today. Get the CoreControl Cooling Glove, the most advanced and scientifically-backed thermal regulation product that you can buy in Australia. Call us at +61 8 9330 6355 for more information on this heat-extracting handheld device.

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