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Overheating can lead to disastrous consequences for your body, which is precisely why CoreControl Cooling Gloves were developed. The CoreControl Cooling Gloves provides a safe and efficient way for you to cool down. Using cutting-edge technology, CoreControl works with your body’s natural ability to dissipate heat and extract excess warmth, speeding up recovery and effectively bringing your body back to its normal core temperature.

It’s Use

The CoreControl Cooling Glove is used in a variety of settings. Whether you overheat due to exposure to a hot working environment or due to strenuous exercise, the Glove may be useful for you. It is especially favoured by those in the military and firefighting services, although it can be used in both personal and professional settings.

The Cooling Glove has received positive reviews from a variety of people, including construction workers, oil and gas workers and professional athletes. Some well-known users include Olympic teams, such as the British Track and Field Team; National Football League (NFL) including the Seattle Seahawks; the National Basketball Association (NBA) including the Boston Celtics; as well as European football teams, such as Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC.

It’s Benefits

The CoreControl Cooling Glove is a heat stress solution that really works, whilst still being painless, simple and non-invasive. Here are a few more benefits it provides.


When the body is working out or being exposed to an extremely hot environment, it takes time to recover from it. Generally, to cool down to a normal temperature, it takes 30 minutes or more to do so. The CoreControl Cooling Glove, however, was developed to achieve the same results in just several minutes – because we don’t always have the time to wait for our bodies to naturally recover.


Safety is always a concern and we understand that, which is why we assure that the CoreControl Cooling Glove is completely safe, whilst also being non-invasive. It works with your body’s natural processes to reduce temperature. This means it does not reduce perspiration or constrict the skin’s blood vessels during use, keeping it safe and painless.

Easy to Use

The CoreControl Cooling Glove provides an easy way to safely reduce your body temperature. Simply slip on the glove and it will help keep your temperature within a healthy range.


The CoreControl Cooling Glove is the product of decades of research on temperature regulation carried out by renowned Stanford researchers, whose results are backed by repeated testing, time and hard data. This ensures that, using the principles of mammalian thermoregulation, the CoreControl Cooling Glove effectively operates to cool you down after you have experienced heat exposure.

The science is there, and the CoreControl Cooling Glove is here to help.

Contact Us Today

The CoreControl Cooling Glove was designed to help a range of people in a variety of situations. It provides an easy way to quickly, safely and effectively regulate your body temperature.

If you have any questions about this article, how CoreControl can help you, or about our revolutionary products, contact us today. Feel free to email us at or call +61 8 9330 6355.

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