The optimum
way of limiting
heat stress

CoreControl™ is cutting edge technology developed for core body heat extraction via a hand held device.

The CoreControl Cooling Glove uses cutting-edge technology to help you cool down, speed up recovery, and prevent disastrous illnesses.

When you overheat, whether due to strenuous exercise or exposure to a hot working environment, you need a quick, safe, and efficient way to bring your body back to its normal core temperature. CoreControl works with your body’s natural ability to dissipate heat and extracts excess warmth efficiently.

Developed by doctors and researchers at Stanford University, the CoreControl Cooling Glove is the only scientifically-proven body temperature cooling device. The CoreControl has now found its way to Australia and can be used for a variety of personal and professional applications.

CoreControl: a simple, painless, and non-invasive heat stress solution that really works.

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The History Of The CoreControl Cooling Glove

The brainchild of Stanford University biological sciences researchers Dr. Dennis Grahn and Dr. H. Craig Heller, the CoreControl Cooling Glove is the product of decades of research on mammalian temperature regulation.

Their initial research in 1998 showed that heat loss did not occur uniformly across the body and was controversial to say the least. They found that the extremities – especially the hands and palms – lost heat more than other parts of the body. They didn’t know it yet at the time, but this discovery formed the building blocks of the first CoreControl Cooling Glove prototype.

Developed in conjunction with the United States Military Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the first commercial unit of the CoreControl Cooling Glove hit the markets in 2013.

Who Is Using The RTX Technology?

Anyone can benefit from using the CoreControl Cooling Glove, but the most dramatic improvements are seen in people who normally operate in a heat stress environment. This involves military, firefighters, construction workers, oil and gas workers, and professional athletes.

Some of the most famous CoreControl users include:

Olympic Teams

  • US Men’s Beach Volleyball Team
  • Japanese Olympic Team
  • British Track & Field Team

National Football League (NFL)

  • San Fransisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks

National Basketball Association (NBA)

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Boston Celtics

European Football Teams

  • Manchester United FC
  • Chelsea FC

Benefits Of The CoreControl Cooling Glove


After working out or being exposed to an extremely hot environment, it can take your body 30 minutes or more to cool back down to normal temperature. The CoreControl Cooling Glove is designed to achieve the same results in just a few minutes.


The CoreControl is a completely safe and non-invasive thermal regulation device. It was specially designed to not reduce perspiration or constrict the skin’s blood vessels during use. Just slip on the glove to keep your body temperature within a safe and healthy range.



The CoreControl technology was developed over decades by renowned Stanford researchers, and the results are backed by hard data and repeated testing. Using the principles of Mammalian thermoregulation, the CoreControl Cooling Glove quickly effectively cools you down even after a demanding workout or prolonged exposure to heat.

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